Virtual Inside Sales Agent

You have a gold mine for new business in your old contacts. 

Let us mine that gold for you. 
Think about how much time you would have to go on appointments with buyers showing homes, to go on listing appointments to get a listing, if all you spoke to were buyers ready to buy and sellers ready to sell.

We will touch base with all your contacts, qualify them, and nurture them into buyers or sellers or both, who are waiting for you to call them to service them and set appointments.

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Step 1: Join us. Well see you at the top.

Our services are available to members only. We would rather deliver quality to a select few than watered down generic services targeted to the masses. 
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Step 2: Send us your contacts.

Send us your contacts from your MLS, your phone, your CRM, your email address book, or other database. Don't know how? No problem, we'll walk you through it.

This is where the magic happens.

We contact everyone you provide us, and qualify them according to the opportunity. Are they interested in buying a home? Selling a home? Not looking? Have a referral for you?  We find that out,  then hand them back to you, ready to go.

Step 3: Check your texts.

We contact your old leads and when they are ready to buy or sell a home, we give you a heads up via text. Now it's time to convert that lead into an appointment. Don't know what to say? That's okay! We have a library of proven scripts from mega agents that you can access when you become a member.

Step 4: Convert more leads.

Spend more time converting leads and less time generating them. Our lead generation experts work your leads for you, so you can get back to work, doing what you do best--shaking hands, selling homes, closing deals.
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